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Fitz2Kleen offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services and have many  commercial customers including offices, industrial units Commercial Cleaning Services Coventryand factories.  Our commercial cleaning services are well equipped to cater for the commercial cleaning requirements of schools, pubs, hotels and business centres.

Our experience within the commercial cleaning sector has given us the ability to tailor our range of cleaning services to each client and fit in with their specific requirements and needs.

What commercial cleaning services can we offer?

We have really grown since 2008 to really understand that in order for business to be as efficient and productive as possible, a clean and hygienic environment is a really important part of this.  Our cleaning specialists are equipped to deal with any requirements that each and every customer has and we are able to offer a wide range of services suitable for businesses and commercial clients of all sizes.

Daily / Weekly Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning specialists are on hand to deliver daily or weekly cleans at a time that suits you and your business.  We will ensure that you are able to keep to your busy schedules and minimise production downtime.

We can take away the hassle of the arguments about whose turn it is to wash the pots in the canteen, who should empty the bins, and who needs to clean the loos.

All of this can be taken care with our commercial cleaning services on a daily or weekly basis, suitable for your requirements.

Most importantly we can help keep your workers happy by making the workplace more inviting.

Maintenance Cleaning

We are able to carry out regular carpet or hard floor cleaning, deep cleaning for food outlets, cleaning out guttering and other required task.

Coupled with our experienced and knowledgeable handyman and gardening service, we are also able to maintain signage and fascias and we can look after the external grounds, weeding, litter picking, checking lighting etc.

Trauma and Emergency Response Team

As part of our commercial services, our trauma and emergency responsive team can quickly deal with things like graffiti and chewing gum removal, trauma cleaning and accidents like fire or flood damage.

These jobs need specialist people and equipment to be carried out safely, and we have the experience, knowledge and ability to do this both quickly and efficiently.

How can we help with your cleaning requirements?

From day one our aim has been to give businesses a bespoke and top quality service that they deserve.

We have developed our own unique 3 step cleaning process to ensure the best possible results.

So instead of managing several people to undertake you cleaning requirements, why not just have one contact who can manage it all for you!

To find out what Fitz2Kleen can do for your business and how our commercial cleaning services can help you, why not call us today?

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