Proud to have worked with…

Our specialist cleaning team have carried out after build cleaning on some of the large regeneration building projects that have taken part in Coventry in recent years. We have also carried out deep cleaning and various other cleaning services for many well-known...

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Cleaning Carpets in Coventry

How to get a cleaner carpet Keeping your carpet clean is an important part of having a healthy, comfortable home. Find out what it takes to get the clean carpet your family deserves. Carpet provides the perfect cosy surface for your pets to nap, your children to play,...

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Cleaning jobs that others won’t do!

Far too often we hear from property owners that they have spoken to other cleaning companies regarding certain deep cleaning jobs and they have been told that they wouldn’t touch it. Now this really baffles me. Do other cleaning companies only work in clean...

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Pet urine and carpets

Pet urine and carpets We all see a cute little puppy or kitten and want to take it home, but much thought should be given before deciding. Your home could well be affected, as they are house trained, those little accidents on the carpet, and if not dealt with properly...

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Come and see us in Bedworth

Fitz2kleen in Bedworth It's taken the best part of 4 weeks to get our home and cleaning services business moved into the heart of Bedworth. We finally got the last load over during the long weekend, the office is fully functional and the diary is full for the next...

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Melted plastic stuck to oven – how to remove

Happy to give advice! Sometimes you only need a bit of advice and that’s OK with us. Being in business, you get to know a lot of other trades and quite often, they have little mishaps or come across things that they just can’t resolve. The beauty of being part of a...

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Hoarder Cleaning

What is hoarding? Hoarding is considered to be a significant problem when: the amount of clutter in the person's home is increasing they bring in more things each day and discard very little the amount of clutter interferes with everyday living – for example, they are...

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New year New perspective

When people call to enquire regarding quotes what they see is only the job in hand. When they go to the shops they don't look at the cost of manufacturing the goods they buy, the cost to package or the cost to transport to your local shop/supermarket, but they pay the...

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Childrens Christmas Sack Campaign Coventry

Help a child to have a good Christmas Fitz2Kleen are proud to announce that Fitz2Kleen will be a drop off point for presents for Children's Christmas Sack Campaign Coventry. Can you find it in your heart to buy just one extra present? If you would like to support this...

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