Dealing with accidental spillages.

We all have mishaps from time to time, maybe knocking a drink over or the kids dropping their jam on toast (why does it always land face down?) onto the carpet or furnishings, or maybe the dog has knocked over a tin of paint. Pet accidents is another very common one.

Pet accidents

When this happens, during the initial stages of panic, calling a professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is the last thing on your mind.

Understandably, the first thing you do is rush to the cupboard under the sink and grab whatever you can find to try and remove the offending spillage.

What you may not realise, is that you could be causing further problems, either by sealing the stain in, bleaching your carpet or actually bursting the pile if you scrub.

Stain removal

The most common spillages in our experience are tea, coffee, red wine, fruit juice, curry and paint. All of these can be a challenge even for the most experienced professional, so bear this in mind when trying to deal with this on your own.

Paint on carpet


The simplest advice I would give regarding any spillage on carpets or upholstery is to soak up as much as possible with a towelling cloth then blot gently with cold water, continue this until there is no further transfer on to the cloth. If the spillage hasn’t been removed completely, then call the professionals as soon as possible.

With any spillage or stain on carpets and upholstery, the sooner we can deal with it, the less chance there is of it having time to dye the fibres and become permanent.

Do’s and Don’ts

My advice to you as a customer is simple:-

  • Don’t panic – it’s happened , we can deal with it
  • Don’t – grab the first thing that you see to remove the stain, you could actually make it worse or damage your carpet or furniture.
  • Do – refer back to the advice given here
  • Contact us – If you still have an issue give me a ring and I’ll either advise you over the phone or come and have a look at the problem myself.
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