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As a local family cleaning business with teams offering regular cleaning to quite a few businesses and domestic customers, based on early reports of the virus, we were slightly concerned about the news that was coming out.
Our team was advised to take additional precautions while working to keep themselves and customers safe.
We received a couple of calls from care homes requiring a deep clean, they had been put on lockdown due to a Norovirus outbreak, and this was not unusual, no cause for concern.
As we went through February, there were more and more news reports about Wuhan and the bat scenario, but the Government didn’t seem to be too concerned, so life went on as usual.

March 2020: Our first call regarding a positive case

Following the first deep clean and sanitise at a fire station, we were asked to join the response team for Warwickshire County Council to provide infection control for any future cases that may arise.
Training – In preparation and to ensure compliance, we quickly updated our training and understanding of the virus and COVID19.
As March progressed, things changed rapidly, customers started cancelling regular cleaning, fear took hold and the number of COVID19 infections started to escalate and mortality was rising out of control.

Lockdown – To stop the spread

Corona Virus One Year On - Lockdown Blog Post
The first National Lockdown was announced on 23rd March. The whole country was in a state of confusion and disbelief, panic buying and causing chaos. Businesses were closing, employees losing their jobs; we knew that we were going face some BIG challenges. Our regular cleaning staff had to be Furloughed and the future looked bleak, for a short time.

The fight to survive

As more and more of our regular jobs were put on hold, some of our customers who are ‘essential businesses’ increased their cleaning and sanitising regimes. We were getting lots of calls from schools, doctor’s surgeries, food outlets and public buildings for our infection control deep cleaning and fogging. To meet the high demand, we enrolled another 2 members of staff on infection control courses. The days got longer and the geographical area got bigger. We were already covering Coventry and Warwickshire, but we were called out to Derby, Nottingham, Leicestershire, Evesham and Birmingham too!

Meeting Demand

With staff either Furloughed or refusing to work through fear, the ones that continued to work were working 7 days a week to meet demand.
We made the decision to enlist the help of a local recruitment agency called New Recruits.
They were able to provide us with temporary staff on a flexible basis.
Finding the right calibre of staff is really difficult in normal times, but during a pandemic!
Using New Recruits means that the candidates were screened and vetted before they started and we were sent the best people to suit the job required.

Returning to Normality

As we head into March 2021, we are taking tentative steps to return to normality starting with the reopening of schools.

We’re working hard to keep you safe
Hopefully, with caution, things will continue to improve. Our team is prepared for an increase in call-outs where there are positive cases as well as providing enhanced cleaning and sanitizing in the months ahead as more and more businesses start to reopen.

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