Easter 2020 ideas: How to celebrate bank holiday on lockdown

Easter weekend

After 3 weeks of restrictions due to the Covid 19 virus, many of us had hoped that by the time we reached Easter weekend, that the current lockdown conditions would be lifted so that we could enjoy the sunny weather with our families.

Sadly this is not the case and it is vital that we continue to show restraint and just stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

Acceptable reasons for leaving home are:

Shopping for basic necessities; one form of exercise a day; any medical need and travelling to work if you cannot work from home while maintaining strict social distancing measures.

Apart from those listed above, we are urged to stay at home and help to prevent the spread of this disease.

Friends and Family

As difficult as it is for everyone to stay apart from our loved ones, we are fortunate that we have many alternative ways to stay in touch.

Please stay in touch with family, friends and loved ones in whatever alternative way best works for you, phone calls, video calls, social media , the list is endless. Once we are through the other side , we can make up for the hugs and kisses that we have missed.

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