Fitz2Kleen Stain removal – Dealing with stains on carpet and upholstery

Attempting to remove stains from your carpet or upholstery using products purchased from a supermarket can prove to be very costly.
The carpet below shows bleached areas which are a result of using such products.

The manufacturer’s claim that they will remove all kinds of stains easily may well be true in the beginning, what they fail to tell you is that they are very highly concentrated and if not rinsed thoroughly and neutralised will continue to work into your carpet long after you think you have finished removing the stains.

Another thing which we hear all too often is ‘I have scrubbed it and scrubbed it and it still looks bad!’


Spillages and stains should only ever be blotted gently.

Scrubbing causes the pile of your carpet to burst and as a result will give a worn and dirty appearance, while leaving the stain behind and lots of irreversible damage too.

Our advice is simple.

If you spill anything on your carpet, gently remove any solid matter, blot the excess fluid with an absorbent, then using a cloth soaked in cold water continue to blot from the outside edge of the stain working inwards, until there is no transfer from the carpet to the cloth.

If, after following these steps, there is a stain left behind, this is when you need to call in reputable, qualified and insured professional carpet cleaner.

Professional carpet cleaners will know the correct chemicals and procedures to deal with such accidents, without causing further damage and costing you a small fortune to replace them.

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