Lives could be put at risk by an influx of companies offering to clean up potential coronavirus hotspots.

As the owners of Fitz2kleen, we have spent a lot of time (and made considerable investment) over a period of many years, to attend the best training courses this country has to offer for all of the cleaning services we provide.

We are certified and have invested in the appropriate equipment and solutions needed for deep cleaning and disinfection of homes, vehicles and commercial premises.

A product I use has been laboratory tested to kill Coronavirus SARS-COV 2, the virus which leads to the respiratory disease Covid-19.

IMPORTANT FACT – you cannot kill Covid-19! Covid-19 is the symptoms (the disease), that develops from the Corona virus SARS-COV 2.

You can kill a virus, you cannot kill symptoms!!

It has been a disturbing concern for our industry to see pop-up companies advertising they can guarantee to kill the current strain of corona virus (or Covid-19), long before any testing of products had even been completed!

Corona virus SARS-COV 2 is a completely new strain of virus. It takes time for chemical companies to test their products against it, which is a very expensive procedure! It has been two months since the outbreak but I waited patiently until a time when it had been established that a product will be effective!

Please be cautious when booking a contractor:
Have they had formal training?
Are they using the correct PPE and wearing it properly?
Are they using the correct equipment?
Are they using the correct processes?

Lives are being put at risk if any of the above is in question!

Since the launch of our business in 2008, we (Mark and Trena Fitzmaurice) have been committed to providing a healthier, hygienically clean environment in your home, vehicle or work place working diligently to achieve the best outcome possible for all customers and business clients.

Due to the current pandemic, the working environment has changed and in order to follow government guidelines, companies must adapt their working practices to ensure the safety of everyone and take adequate steps to minimise the risks of spreading this disease.

Fitz2kleen offer a certified specialist deep clean & infection control service to everyone in Coventry and Warwickshire area including local authorities.

We have been involved in working in bio hazardous environments for over 10 years so it was quite easy for us to adapt to the Covid-19 outbreak

‘Do it right, do it once, stay safe’



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