Graffiti Removal Specialists in Coventry

We have been dealing with the removal of graffiti since 2008 and apart from being an eyesore, it can be very difficult to remove without leaving a shadow of whatever it was that was painted on there.

These shadows will eventually fade away when left to the elements, but when its obscene graffiti , you won’t want anything left behind.


We invested in one of the most powerful dry steam machines on the market and using this and various graffiti removal products, we were able to obtain a good result about 80% of the time.

New graffiti removal products

We have been carrying out trials using some new graffiti removal products and found the results to be phenomenal.

To date we have only tried them on their own with just water to wash them off and the speed which it cut through the graffiti was quite amazing on all surfaces.


I believe that if we use these in conjunction with the dry steam machine or power washer, we would be able to totally remove graffiti in about 95% of the jobs we have done previously.

We recently removed the graffiti from a retail park in Coventry, and based on our previous experience, we estimated that it would take two staff members 8-10 hours to complete.

Using the new graffiti removal products, the job was completed in 4 hours, without the use of pressure washing or dry steaming.

We are so impressed that we have agreed to supply these products under our own brand and these are now available to buy on our website.

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