Extreme Cleaning – Hoarders


We clean what others won’t!

Hoarding is a condition where a person has persistent difficulty discarding personal possessions.

The large amount of possessions fills the home and prevents the normal use of the space.

Living space becomes cluttered. It may be unusable.

Hoarding brings distress and emotional health concerns.

Fire safety is a major concern

Why hoarding increases fire risks 

  • Cooking can be hazardous if flammable items are close to the cooker or oven.
  • Heating units may be too close to things that can burn. They might also be placed on unstable surfaces. If a heater tips over into a pile, it can cause a fire.
  • Electrical wiring may be old or worn from the weight of piles. Pests could chew on wires. Damaged wires can start fires.
  • Open flames from smoking materials or candles in a home with excess clutter are very dangerous.
  • Blocked pathways and exits may prevent escape from a fire.
  • Hoarding puts the emergency services in harm’s way.
  • Fire-fighters cannot move swiftly through a home filled with clutter.
  • The emergency services can be trapped in a home when exits are blocked. They can be injured by objects falling from piles.
  • The weight of the stored items, especially if water is added to put out a fire, can lead to building collapse.
  • Fighting fires is very risky in a hoarding home.
  • It is difficult to enter the home to provide medical care. The clutter impedes the search and rescue of people and pets.

Do you have a person in your life who may be a hoarder?

It is important that professional help is sought to help to get things under control.

Fitz2Kleen’s extreme cleaning team  work with adult social care and mental health teams in Warwickshire to provide a fast and effective solution to ensure that hoarding situations are manageable and above all SAFE!

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