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Lockdown Number 3 - The Toughest One

By Fit2Kleen

The latest lockdown, the 3rd of the Covid19 pandemic is going to be the toughest one!
We’ve already made it through 10 months of restrictions to normal life and 2 lockdowns.
Our mental health is going to struggle to cope with this, the longest of them all.

Thankfully, there is lots of help available to anyone who is struggling.




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“There is light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel just keeps getting longer.”

Businesses are struggling to keep above water, some having to close, others still operating with the worries of keeping their premises COVID secure.

Families are aching to hug each other, children are desperate to see their school friends and everyone just wants some normality.

Never in our lifetime, have we had to endure such an emotional roller coaster.
As we continue to adapt to find ways to survive, we have to prioritise and make difficult decisions.

The current lockdown is here to stay for a while, every promise of normality is knocked back by the rising threat and spread of the virus.
There is light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel just keeps getting longer.
We will get to the end, just not at the moment.
There’s great news that we now have a vaccine, what a mammoth task it is though. Our turn will come. not as quickly as we want, but it will come.
Then slowly and cautiously, we can start to rebuild, our lives, our relationships, our businesses and our hopes and dreams.

Until then, we need to stick to the rules, ,stay safe, protect each other and do the best we can.

The Fit2Kleen Team

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