Just looking back through our database and i was shocked to note that we have carried out 38 Extreme or hoarder cleans this year.

With Christmas approaching, that fills me with pride knowing that we have helped to improve the lives and living conditions for so many people.

It also fills me with great sadness, because we know that for every one person that we are able to help, there are hundreds more that either slip through the net and go unnoticed, or are too embarrassed to ask for help.

My wish for Christmas would be a kind and caring neighbour, friend or family member for everyone who is living in poor conditions. Someone who is not afraid to seek help and advice for vulnerable people in their community and won’t give up until they get them the support they need.

Please don’t turn a blind eye, make judgements or ridicule people who can’t cope, look deeper, take a deep breath and make a call. There’s lots of help available via social services, adult mental health, Age UK and more.

You might just help to save a life ❤

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