Happy to give advice!

Sometimes you only need a bit of advice and that’s OK with us.

Being in business, you get to know a lot of other trades and quite often, they have little mishaps or come across things that they just can’t resolve.

The beauty of being part of a small business network community, you get to know who specialises in what and there’s always someone to call on when needed.

Tricks of the Trade

Being a specialist cleaning business, we have all kinds of little known tricks that can remove all kind of problems we just don’t advertise them much for obvious reasons.

Recently we were contacted by Ken Sives, a painter and decorator in Ireland.

‘Don’t wanna scrape it, wrecking oven as you can see ’

Mark advised Ken ‘pour water mixed with washing powder so it covers then put oven on heat, once hot you should be able to use a wooden spatula to prize it up if it hasn’t already lifted itself’

About an hour later Ken sent this ….

‘I think it’s working!’

Another 20 minutes … 

All gone!

Here’s a little video of the process Ken used.



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