When people call to enquire regarding quotes what they see is only the job in hand. When they go to the shops they don’t look at the cost of manufacturing the goods they buy, the cost to package or the cost to transport to your local shop/supermarket, but they pay the price on the tag/label.

As a business that pays tax, insurance, national insurance and wages just to break the ice we have to ensure we can pay all of these so we can still offer you our services, and as a professional, we also have to ensure training is up to speed to offer you that professional service.That service includes trained, qualified and insured staff, it also includes equipment far superior to what you the public could buy from your local D.I.Y shop, this equipment needs to be maintained to ensure it’s doing the job it is supposed to do, all of this come at a cost to the business owner.

Having done all this we now need to transport this over to your property which we do with vans, these vans need to be taxed, insured, maintained and fuelled at a cost to the business owner.
When a customer asks ”is that your best price?” and feel like they are being ripped off this is due to having little knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes to enable a business to offer services to them.

As a small business owner there is a very thin line between being in business and going out of business and that is down to you the public who use our services.

We would like to thank you for your support as it is only with your support that small businesses can thrive, this doesn’t mean we become so rich we don’t care because far from it, it’s because we care, we certainly AREN’T rich.

So take a step back when you call and enquire about costs for a small businesses services and think how much would it cost you to do the same job, the time in hours, the loss of income for some because they can’t invest in their business because they are doing something else, the cost to visit a store to purchase materials, the cost to hire equipment/or buy then the time to gain the information on how to do it, weigh up the costs and ask yourself is this really so expensive.

We at fitz2kleen would like to wish one and all a great, refreshing new year and hope we will see you some time through the year

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