More than general cleaning


When we think of cleaning, most of us just think about general cleaning, a quick run around the house with polish and duster, hoover the carpets and mopping the floors.


In general day to day housekeeping this is quite adequate to keep our homes looking clean and tidy.


Then there are times when you realise that, despite your regular cleaning, things are still starting to look a bit shabby and need a bit more attention.


This may be anything from the tiles in the bathroom needing a deep clean, carpets need professional cleaning or maybe the oven needs cleaning.


You may find that there’s a build-up of grease in the kitchen, lime-scale in the bathroom or mould around the sealant of your double glazing.


All of this requires deeper cleaning, quite often needing professional equipment and stronger cleaning products than the ones available in a supermarket.


There may have been an accident, kids got hold of makeup and smeared it all over your furniture, pet’s and children toilet training incidents, spillages to more serious like a fire, flood or trauma.  


This is where you need the help of a specialist cleaning services team who have not only the right equipment and cleaning solutions for every job, but they also have been trained to know how to deal with each individual problem in the correct manner without causing further damage to your belongings.

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