Any one can clean a carpet can’t they?

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner, may seem like an expense that you can do without but when you think about the damage that can be caused by DIY cleaning attempts, it really does make sense.

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Remember the hours spent looking for the right carpets for your home, not to mention the expense?

Purchasing flooring is one of the biggest investments we make for our home.

Clean and fresh carpet

As time goes by, no matter how careful we are, eventually, those beautiful carpets are going to need some attention to keep them looking their best.

This is when the problems can start.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, there are many factors that need to be taken into account, before you even start.

What type of carpet it is and how it has been made depend on the type of cleaning method required and what cleaning products can be used to clean it.

Some carpets can be cleaned using all methods available but others need to be treated with caution using low moisture cleaning methods or in some cases no moisture at all. Steam cleaning carpets is not suitable for all carpets and can lead to shrinkage.

carpet-shrinkage1 shrunk-carpet-small

A professional carpet cleaner will have the knowledge to be able to identify the many different carpet types, know the risks involved and be able to advise you accordingly of the options available to deal with your investment without damage.

Can anyone clean carpets?

Yes they probably can, but without training and knowledge of how carpets are constructed, there is a risk of damaging them.

A professional carpet cleaner will, on request, be able to provide the customer with proof of training and more importantly, a copy of their liability insurance (including treatment risk) just in case anything goes wrong.

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